Structures For Sound: Musical Instruments by Francois and Bernard Baschet

Here’s something you don’t see every day. This 10” LP features the music of 12 invented musical instruments. These are largely constructed with rods, cones & strings made out of a variety of materials: metal, plastic, aluminum, steel and copper primarily. These instruments sound like the soundtrack to a circus being held in outer space, a throwback to earlier mechanical constructions, yet highly modern & avant garde. At its best moments this music features drones that are supremely eerie and loaded with resonance. The layers of sound created here can reach some marvelous, impressive levels. There’s definite horror soundtrack potential here, but these constructions can also create some very lovely sounds.

I can’t say that I’ve ever seen another 10” record released by The Museum of Modern Art. If you dig the music of Moondog, Harry Partch and Pauline Oliveros, you will definitely want to check this sound art out.

Structures For Sound- Musical Instruments By Francois and Bernard Baschet- The Museum of Modern Art, New York (BAM, 1965) is available at Folk Arts for $30. You can find it on my wall of rare records.

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