Mickey & Sylvia- Love Is Strange / I’m Going Home (Groove, 1956, 78rpm)

I love Rock ‘n’ Roll records on 78. There’s something so marvelous & strange about their intersection, the teenagers’ music on the old folks’ format. I imagine many kids in 1956 only had their parents’ 78rpm players and were forced to buy all their new music on 78. Some 4-5 years later, 78rpm records were no longer being produced in the Western world. So if you want to find The Beatles on 78, you’re going to have to get one that was made in India. But Mickey & Sylvia’s timeless classic? You can find that here at Folk Arts for $15.

This song was written by one Ethel Smith. Sounds like an old lady, don’t it? She was actually Bo Diddley’s wife! He wrote the tune and credited it to his wife. Mickey & Sylvia’s version is an all-time classic. Mickey Baker’s guitar licks are so tense yet so playful here, doing some kind of strange R&B hybrid of ‘chicken pickin’. His guitar solo on the flip “Going Home” also kicks ass.

This wonderful 78 is available here for $15, and it’s in really nice shape. That’s a deal. I’ve got a nice 78rpm set up here in the shop. Currently have my Rega pumping out of 6 speakers, 4 inside & 2 outside. Got some really nice shellac in the shop too.

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