Philosophy / Listening at Part Time Lover Hi-Fi

Part Time Lover Hi-Fi
3829 30th St.
Folk Arts PTL shop open 7 days a week 4pm~10pm

Our partnership with Part Time Lover Hi-Fi has already involved a wide variety of amazing experiences. As this community opportunity evolves, one of our goals is to get more organized. We’ve established a philosophy for this wildly unique, beautiful community space. It is rooted in the concept of Listening. Please feel free to reach out. We want to listen.

Part Time Lover is a unique space for the exploration of sound and music in a relaxed environment. We value sharing, joy, self-expression, eclecticism, diversity, discovery, art, patience, spontaneity, relaxation, and we aim to inspire childlike wonder and enthusiasm.

PTL is not a nightclub but rather a truly alternative nightlife experience. We’ve got love for dives, but this is not your average dive.

We ask that you inquire about selecting in person and via e-mail. Send all creative inquiries to

We will be hosting regular bi-monthly selectors but will strive to leave some room for inclusion, as it relates to valuing diversity, eclecticism and non-mainstream music.

We encourage patience in every aspect of this community opportunity. We value in person communication and listening to your creative ideas.

If you’d like to work on your selecting skills, we encourage you to sign up to DJ at Folk Arts Rare Records (3610 University Ave.), anytime between 10am and 6 pm 7 days a week. Call (619) 282-7833 to sign up.

Part Time Lover: Reel-to-Reel, Klipschorns, and Vinyl in San Diego’s North Park

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