Jupiter Records & Tapes

Please visit Folk Arts’ new partner store Jupiter Records and Tapes, located at 3610 University Ave in City Heights
Thurs-Mon 11am-8pm
(858) 603-9002

At Jupiter Records and Tapes we aim to create a space that is accessible to anyone and everyone. We strive to be a beacon of creativity, expression, and culture. This is a safe space and no suppression of one’s individuality shall ever be permitted. In encouraging ones self expression, we offer a public, and absolutely free, DJ booth. This is a permanent fixture in our store and is available anytime during business hours. One simply writes their name on the chalkboard with no prior experience necessary. It is for anyone with a desire or interest in playing records to be broadcast throughout the store. Not only is spinning records fun and engaging, it is a practical means of therapy and escape from a world that does not always offer support and encouragement for those interested in artistic expression.

In addition to providing our city with a safe and inviting space, we offer tens of thousands of records, CD’s, and tapes at an affordable cost in attempts at excluding no one from access to wonderful music of all forms. This is a place that satisfies collectors of all experiences and tastes. While maintaining affordable prices there is a standard of quality that can be ensured. We stock a massive amount of music that range from classic titles to works that defy classification. At Jupiter Records and Tapes we are constantly evolving and progressing in our efforts to provide beautiful San Diego with a unique environment that is welcoming to absolutely anyone. We will maintain our promises of safety and encouragement with a positive attitude that makes a visit to our store as enjoyable, interesting, and comfortable as possible. Through our doors there is something for everyone. We hope to see you soon!

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