Lou Curtiss Sound Library

The Lou Curtiss Sound Library

Lou Curtiss

We are gradually digitizing some of the best of the collection, starting with material from the San Diego Folk Festivals and related concerts that began in the 1960s. Check back to hear more great music as it is added. Click here to learn more about our preservation project.

Follow these links to view special pages for San Diego Folk Festivals.

Here are some samples from concerts held at the Sign of the Sun bookstore in San Diego, circa 1962. This early venue hosted some of the outstanding traditional music performers of the day.

The next series is from a concert held at the San Diego Unitarian Church in 1964, hosted by Sam Hinton and Karen Williams. The recording was made by Jack Van Olst.

Kathy Larisch and Carol McComb began singing together in San Diego County over 40 years ago. They will be back again this year, appearing at the Roots Festival on May 3 and 4, 2008. Here is a sample from a performance they gave in 1964.

A note about copyright

We intend these musical “samples” to be heard only as a sampling of the material in the Lou Curtiss Sound Library. Those with an interest in the material may freely listen to the music, and we trust you will respect the artists and performers by not copying or disseminating the music in any way beyond what is commonly considered ‘fair use’ for research or education.

We are working with the University of California Los Angeles Archive of Ethnomusicology and the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress to preserve and protect this music. We welcome further inquiries from any interested persons.