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Mary Lattimore Live at Folk Arts Sunday January 21st 6-8pm

Venue change. Free show!! All Ages. Bring your kids!!
We are beyond thrilled to be hosting modern harpist Mary Lattimore here at Folk Arts!!

Sunday, January 21st 6:00-8:00p.m.
3610 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104
Many chairs will be provided if you desire to sit down. We recommend arriving early.

There will likely not be a show of this caliber at Folk Arts for a good while. Mary Lattimore is one of the most exceptional modern musicians around, a major favorite here at Folk Arts, and her latest album, Goodbye, Hotel Arkada, is easily in the top 10 of 2023. It’s so good!!

We’re planning on providing some killer sound for this one. We’re going all in with lots of love for Mary’s music.

Parking can be challenging in Mid-City SD. We recommend parking on Wilson Ave north of University and on 38th & 39th St. south of University. Both are easy walks to the shop. Please support all of the incredible City Heights businesses & restaurants.

Sometimes with parking it’s important to be slow and patient. This show is also a beautiful opportunity for a nice long walk. Arriving early will make this quality exercise all the better.

Our fun joke about this absolutely wonderful show: Doors 10am (we’ll be open all day), Show sometime around 6pm (likely after; whenever Mary wants really).

We’ll be hosting an informal after party at Part Time Lover Hi-Fi (21+), where Mary will be sharing music she is passionate about. The start time & end time will be whatever Mary wants. Her choice.
3829 30th St., San Diego, CA 92104

Big-time gratitude to the brilliant and imaginative artist, Karo M., for the most beautiful show flyer. We appreciate you immensely.

Sending a huge thanks to Timmy from Ground Control Booking & to Mary Lattimore for being the coolest humans ever. So Much Respect.

Through evocative, emotionally resonant music, Goodbye, Hotel Arkada, the new LP from American harpist and composer Mary Lattimore, speaks not just for its beloved namesake — a hotel in Croatia facing renovation — but for a universal loss that is shared. Six sprawling pieces shaped by change; nothing will ever be the same, and here, the artist, evolving in synthesis, celebrates and mourns the tragedy and beauty of the ephemeral, all that is lived and lost to time. Documented and edited in uncharacteristically measured sessions over the course of two years, the material remains rooted in improvisation while glistening as the most refined and robust in Lattimore’s decade-long catalog. It finds her communing with friends, contemporaries, and longtime influences, in full stride yet slowing down to nurture songs in new ways. The cast includes Lol Tolhurst (The Cure), Meg Baird, Rachel Goswell (Slowdive), Roy Montgomery, Samara Lubelski, and Walt McClements.

“When I think of these songs, I think about fading flowers in vases, melted candles, getting older, being on tour and having things change while you’re away, not realizing how ephemeral experiences are until they don’t happen anymore, fear for a planet we’re losing because of greed, an ode to art and music that’s really shaped your life that can transport you back in time, longing to maintain sensitivity and to not sink into hollow despondency.”

Memories, scenes, and split-second impressions have long filled Lattimore’s musical universe. As one of today’s preeminent instrumental storytellers, she has “the uncanny ability to pluck a string in a way that will instantly make someone remember the taste of their fifth birthday cake,” writes Pitchfork’s Jemima Skala. Lattimore’s impulse to record life as it happens matches her drive to travel and perform, as profiled by Grayson Haver Currin for The New York Times: “Lattimore recognized that being in motion shook loose strands of inspiration, moods she wanted to express with melody. She needed, then, to remain on the go.” That sense of fluidity has also made her a prolific collaborator outside of solo work. 2020’s Silver Ladders, recorded with Slowdive’s Neil Halstead, opened the door for Lattimore to widen the vision of her primary project as well, and its proper follow-up is the natural next scale. “All of these people I asked to contribute have deeply affected and inspired my life.”

For the title and inspiration, Lattimore’s mind returns to the island of Hvar in Croatia, where she first saw those silver ladders at the water’s edge. “There’s a big old hotel there called the Hotel Arkada, and you could tell it had been hosting holiday-goers for decades in a great way. I walked around the lobby and the empty ballrooms and it looked like a well-worn, well-loved place. My friend Stacey who lives there told me to ‘say goodbye to Hotel Arkada, it might not be here when you get back’ and I heard soon after that it was actually going to be renovated in a very crisp, modern way.” Lattimore became fixated on the ingredients that make a place special — for Hotel Arkada, the patinaed chandeliers, the patternedbedspreads, the echoes of its intangible charm — and how when those leave this world, as they inevitably always will, it feels important to memorialize them, “to bottle it for a brief second.”

Philosophy / Listening at Part Time Lover Hi-Fi

Part Time Lover Hi-Fi
3829 30th St.
Folk Arts PTL shop open 7 days a week 4pm~10pm

Our partnership with Part Time Lover Hi-Fi has already involved a wide variety of amazing experiences. As this community opportunity evolves, one of our goals is to get more organized. We’ve established a philosophy for this wildly unique, beautiful community space. It is rooted in the concept of Listening. Please feel free to reach out. We want to listen.

Part Time Lover is a unique space for the exploration of sound and music in a relaxed environment. We value sharing, joy, self-expression, eclecticism, diversity, discovery, art, patience, spontaneity, relaxation, and we aim to inspire childlike wonder and enthusiasm.

PTL is not a nightclub but rather a truly alternative nightlife experience. We’ve got love for dives, but this is not your average dive.

We ask that you inquire about selecting in person and via e-mail. Send all creative inquiries to

We will be hosting regular bi-monthly selectors but will strive to leave some room for inclusion, as it relates to valuing diversity, eclecticism and non-mainstream music.

We encourage patience in every aspect of this community opportunity. We value in person communication and listening to your creative ideas.

If you’d like to work on your selecting skills, we encourage you to sign up to DJ at Folk Arts Rare Records (3610 University Ave.), anytime between 10am and 6 pm 7 days a week. Call (619) 282-7833 to sign up.

Part Time Lover: Reel-to-Reel, Klipschorns, and Vinyl in San Diego’s North Park

Record Store Day at Folk Arts!

Folk Arts Rare Records
Record Store Day Celebration
Saturday, April 23
8 a.m. to ???

Featuring …
Complimentary Refreshments by Gem Coffee

Info Booths by
Foodshed is a farmer-owned, collectively operated organization that connects farmers directly with communities. They distribute good food to those who need it and support food justice, equity, and regenerative agriculture.

The Front Arte y Cultura Gallery
The Front Gallery is a space for community and artistic engagement in the San Ysidro-Tijuana region. An art gallery, arts education space, and meeting venue for community residents and artists, they provide space for new, diverse, and innovative projects and ideas.

Special Guest Selectors (10am-1pm)
Lucy Liebre and Francisco Eme of The Front Arte y Cultura Gallery

Live Music starting at 1 pm!
Performances by …
Good Gravy
Gypsy Sally
Honky Tonk Central
Noise Buddha
Salmon Avalon and Friends

Plus …
New Folk Arts Merch by Howlin’ Embroidery and Squeegee Prints

Rare Record Raffle:
Ernest Flippin II’s “Supersonic Space Lady”. Local SD electro Funk with a dynamic SD map label. Minimum $10 purchase. One raffle ticket per customer.


We recommend parking at the school lot on 38th Street south of University Ave. It’s a public lot during the weekends. We also highly recommend grabbing some Fredcel Lumpia while you’re there!

There is also parking on Wilson Ave north of University and on 39th Street south of University.

Quintinn Holi Live at Folk Arts Saturday March 5th 1:00-4:00pm

Live music is returning to Folk Arts! We are very excited to be hosting our friend Quintinn Holi next Saturday March 5th from 1-4pm. Quintinn is a local Hawaiian / Modern Island Pop musician and will be bringing the poolside vibes. Originals, covers, requests, this is going to be a very chill, informal performance. We’re thinking of it as a little bit of a staycation. Free Show! Come early to catch a Hawaiian DJ set by DJ Ian Young.

Holiday Hours: open every day except Christmas & New Year’s Day

Holiday Hours:
Open 7 days a week 10am-6pm
Friday, December 24th (Christmas Eve) Open 10am-4pm
Saturday, December 25th (Christmas): Closed
Sunday, December 26th: Back Open 7 days a week 10am-6pm
Saturday, January 1 (New Year’s Day): Closed
Sunday, January 2: Back open 7 days a week 10am-6pm
Let’s keep each other safe. Wear a Mask.
Wishing every one a safe and happy Holidays!

KGB and the FM Radio Revolution film screening

We’re excited to be screening episode 1 of the new documentary KGB & THE FM RADIO REVOLUTION on Saturday October 16 at 5pm and Sunday October 17 at 12 noon. This is a new mini-series by local filmmaker Raul Sandelin. I’ve heard many great KGB stories in my time, and we’re all familiar with the SD Chicken, Homegrown and Skyshow. “The KGB Skyshow, shit hot!” as my friend Tom would say.

Parking at Folk Arts is limited. The best street parking spots can be found on Wilson Ave north of University. Plenty of street parking spots can be found on other streets as well. Please be patient. And please support other City Heights businesses and restaurants while you’re here. Wearing a mask is recommended but not required.

Safe Community DJ set-up!

We’re now open 7 days a week, 10am-6pm, at our new location of 3610 University Ave. And going forward, our #1 priority will be opening up our sound system to all, seven days a week. We want to provide you a fun outlet so you can unwind. Play whatever you want! All ages! We can teach you how to DJ from a distance! You can even use our records! We’ll handle all the cleaning and sanitization. Please bring your own headphones if possible. Call or text 619-282-7833 or just stop by the shop to setup a time!

Rest In Peace Tomcat Courtney

We are deeply saddened to announce that San Diego music icon Tomcat Courtney has passed away at the age of 91. As a young man growing up in Texas, Tomcat was immersed in the Blues music world of the 1940’s. He befriended and performed with a countless number of music legends, including T-Bone Walker, Lightnin Hopkins, Sonny Boy Williamson, Tampa Red and Muddy Waters. His tales of working the rowdy juke joints of this era were extraordinary. Tomcat overflowed with patience, passion & charm. He was the kind of person who would sit and chat with you for hours. In the 1950’s Courtney performed regularly with the great Smokey Hogg and his brother John. He headed to the west coast in the 1960’s, playing in bands with Little Johnny Taylor, Freddie King & Lowell Fulson. Tomcat first performed at Folk Arts Rare Records just two weeks after his arrival in San Diego in 1971. He and Lou Curtiss became fast friends, and Courtney performed at many of Lou’s festivals & concerts for decades. This began a new chapter in which Tomcat became a San Diego Blues treasure. He had a weekly residency at Ocean Beach’s Texas Teahouse from 1972 to 1992. And he never let his age keep him from performing. He’s be all over town, playing late into the night at spots like the Turquoise Cafe, the Ken Club and Proud Mary’s, which also hosted his very celebratory annual birthday parties, the last one being his 91st Birthday Party on January 23, 2020. Whether the crowds were large or small, Tomcat was always 100% himself and an absolute joy to spend time with. He will be dearly missed by so many, but he lived an extremely rich life. Thank you Tomcat, for being you.

Folk Arts will be moving to 3610 University Ave. Will be closed during the month of November.

Although we’ll be closed, we’ll still be actively buying record collections 7 days a week! All you have to do is call us to set something up, (619) 282-7833. Our job is to safely accommodate your schedule!

Folk Arts’ last days of business at 3072 El Cajon Blvd will be Thursday, Friday & Saturday, October 29th through 31st. It was a great run with oh so many memories, but we’re also very excited about the possibilities of the future.

We’ll be working hard throughout the month of November with the hope of being open 7 days a week at 3610 University Ave by Thanksgiving weekend. This is the same location of our partner store, Jupiter Records & Tapes. Both stores will be uniting under the legendary Folk Arts Rare Records name.

Thanks as always for all of the support! Stay safe!